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  • New Bondix Solution Partner ConnectingCase

    From March 15, we can count ConnectingCase amongst our esteemed Bondix Solution Partners. ConnectingCase is a family business from Warthausen, Germany, that develops and sells highly flexible and robust connectivity solutions for construction sites and project areas, commercial and industrial buildings. ConnectingCase cooperates with all providers, combining different systems such as 5G and Starlink when needed and thus always selecting the strongest available signal for the customer. The high-quality components of these mobile systems are housed in a hard case and are customised and configured according to individual requirements. Customers receive internet access within a few days, can flexibly choose the period of use and are protected from complete failure thanks to the fall-back system. The full service from set-up to dismantling increases cost-effectiveness for users as companies' IT departments no longer have to deal with the internet connection. In case of problems the support of ConnectingCase is always available. We're happy to have you on board, ConnectingCase! Here’s to a successful #partnership! 🥂 Learn more about ConnectingCase:

  • Neuer Bondix Solution Partner ConnectingCase

    Seit dem 15. März dürfen wir die ConnectingCase GmbH zu unseren Bondix Solution Partners zählen. ConnectingCase ist ein mittelständisches Familienunternehmen aus Warthausen, Deutschland, das hochflexible und solide Konnektivitätslösungen für Baustellen und Projektareale, Gewerbe und Industrie entwickelt und vertreibt. Dabei arbeitet ConnectingCase mit allen Providern zusammen, kombiniert bei Bedarf verschiedene Systeme wie 5G und Starlink und wählt so stets das stärkste verfügbare Signal für den Kunden. Die hochwertigen Komponenten dieser mobilen Anlagen finden in einem Hartschalenkoffer Platz und werden individuell und entsprechend der Bedürfnisse vor Ort konfiguriert. Kunden erhalten innerhalb von wenigen Tagen Internetzugang, können die Nutzungsdauer flexibel wählen und sind dabei aufgrund des Fallback-Systems von einem kompletten Ausfall geschützt. Der Full Service vom Aufbau bis zum Abbau erhöht die Wirtschaftlichkeit bei den Anwendern, da sich die IT-Abteilungen der Unternehmen nicht mehr um die Anschlüsse kümmern müssen. Im Notfall ist der Support von ConnectingCase stets erreichbar. Wir freuen uns sehr, euch an Bord zu haben, ConnectingCase! Auf eine erfolgreiche Partnerschaft! 🥂 Erfahren Sie mehr über ConnectingCase:

  • Bondix Newsletter 2/2024

    Mixing one's wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably. Bertolt Brecht After long months of planning, discussing, bargaining and talking, it has finally been done: All things Bondix no longer belong to Azur Investment Group, but to newly founded SIMA GmbH, seated in Germany and headed by our very own Martin Santner and Simon Ley! Read more about this MBO, as well as about the Teltonika Tech Summit in Warszaw at which we gave a presentation and talked to so many people last week, a great relaunch of a Bondix distributor’s website, saveworthy dates and, of course, release notes of our newest Bondix version 1.24.1 in this newsletter! Contents Bondix® is now part of SIMA GmbH! Review: Teltonika Tech Summit 2024, Warsaw How to Bondix: SimpliWiFi’s Relaunch Saveworthy Dates Release Notes 1.24.1 Bondix® is now part of SIMA GmbH! We are delighted to announce that Bondix®, the leading brand of manufacturer-independent bonding software, has been part of SIMA GmbH since the start of the year. Bondix® was introduced in 2019 under the leadership of Bondix Intelligence B.V., a daughter of Dutch Azur Investment Group. Without Azur Investment, we would never have come this far, so we’d like to express our thanks at this point. Christian Westers believed in us and, with Roderick Toutenhoofd, Tom Kroese, and Ruud Egberts, provided us with the right experts at the right time to build up the Bondix brand and make it known in the market. Our Martin Santner and Simon Ley have fulfilled a lifelong dream with the founding of SIMA GmbH and the management buyout of Bondix®. Roles will stay the same: In addition to new executive tasks, Martin will take care of sales and business development, and Simon will tend to all rather technical matters. Sylvia Ploch will also stay in the core team to ensure smooth operation and rip-roaring marketing. These are the most exciting times for us because we’re now leveraging our experience from our time at Bondix Intelligence B.V. to make Bondix a global player with the help of SIMA GmbH and new strategic partners. Let the journey begin! Review Teltonika Tech Summit 2024, Warsaw The Teltonika Networks Warsaw Tech Summit concluded last Thursday evening after a full day of engaging sessions. The agenda included multiple presentations on Teltonika Networks systems, a live demo of an awesome new Bondix-in-a-box solution SpeedFi containing a RUTX12 by our Martin Santner, and insights into QuWireless solutions for Teltonika's product range shared by Kamil Stalica, another Teltonika partner. Additionally, the event featured over 8 diverse workshops that sparked lively discussions and provided clients with the opportunity to address potential project challenges. Attendees also had the chance to test their knowledge and speed in the Teltonika Configuration challenge, focusing on configuring or fixing configurations on Teltonika units. The summit wrapped up with a presentation on the Teltonika Roadmap, accompanied by discussions about the market's needs and necessary solutions. Like the first Teltonika Tech Summit 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania, this event proved to be such a booster for us. We were able to get in contact with so many important Teltonika partners in such a short time - so thank you, Teltonika Networks, for having us, and we're looking forward to the next Teltonika Tech Summit! How to Bondix: SimpliWiFi’s Relaunch Bondix UK distributor SimpliWiFi recently relaunched the Bondix section on their website now offering a seamless and intuitive navigation experience, ensuring visitors can effortlessly explore Bondix products as well as find the corresponding online store sites right away. Detailed product descriptions and high-quality visuals provide potential buyers they need to make informed decisions about the advanced Bondix networking solutions offered by SimpliWiFi. With this strategic relaunch, SimpliWiFi show their strong commitment to user satisfaction and position the Bondix pages as a valuable resource for those seeking cutting-edge networking solutions. General information on Bondix Bondix 14-Day Free Trial Bondix Online Store overview page Feel free to contact us to get input on your own landing pages at Saveworthy Dates With ever more partners joining the Bondix network, we'd like to use our reach to point out events that our partners or we organize or attend and that might be of interest to all of you. February 2024 March 2024 April 2024 If you also have an event you want featured in the Bondix newsletter, please contact Bondix Release Notes 1.24.1 Our developers work on our Bondix software incrementally which means that bug fixes, improvements, and even new features are constantly added, producing new release versions every couple of days. On a quarterly basis, we publish a version that combines all changes added since the last version. This Release Version 1.24.1 contains the following changes: Download the release notes here: Release Notes (PDF file, 200kB) Choose the latest Bondix Client for your router here: Releases If you have special projects and need older versions, please contact If you need technical assistance or experience troubles installing or using Bondix, please use our support contact form. If you're interested in and have the means for testing and evaluating incremental changes to the software, please contact

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  • SD-WAN Specialist for Bonding Software | Bondix by SIMA

    Home Anker 1 Problems About Bondix Untitled Home TRY IT FOR FREE! Anker 1 Bondix by SIMA is the world’s first universal bonding software solution. With this ground-breaking technology we enable Internet Service Providers, hardware vendors and manufacturers to offer – for the first time – real WAN Bonding as an add-on to their existing hardware platforms. Bondix. Because smarter is better. Know more When you're struggling with: Low Bandwidth Poor Coverage Low Redundancy Poor Reliability High Hardware Costs Multiple Locations Moving Objects Crossing Borders ... it's time to get smart. Problems Don't get new. Get smart. A specialist in developing WAN software solutions specifically tailored to the needs of OEMs, hardware distributors, network and Internet providers and their end users, Bondix - a brand of SIMA GmbH - enables its customers to get more out of their existing infrastructure, for longer. Enjoy high speeds, high bandwidth, low latency, efficiency and reliability – simply by adding the right kind of intelligence. Bondix works seamlessly with its customers and partners to arrive at the best solution every time; a solution that is both cost-effective and future-proof. Bondix. Because smarter is better. Download our Product Info to learn more. About Bondix Already own a Bondix-capable router? Start your free 7-day trial now! Download the Bondix Client fitting your router model here Request your personal connection code for a free 7-day Bondix trial here ​ Be happy!

  • Plans | Bondix by SIMA

    License to Bond We strive to keep things simple, so we made our licensing insane ly easy. On this page, you'll find an overview of our available licenses and the router makes and models we recommend them for – s o just find what you need and contact us. We'll hook you up with a Bondix partner nearest to you. Bondix Licenses License-Only Subscription Plans Free 7-Day Trial This license is just what you need if you want to try out Bondix S.A.NE for a whole week–for free! Register and start right now. Learn more... Bonding throughput in Mbps Up to 500 Max. number of bonded links 4 Server image for self-hosting not included Hosting on Bondix servers included Price per year 0 00 € excl. VAT Take me there Enterprise This license covers most high-need scenarios: high bandwidths, stability, and latency differences, e.g. live-streaming. Learn more... Bonding throughput in Mbps Up to 200 Max. number of bonded links 4 Server image for self-hosting included Hosting on Bondix servers not included Price per year 199 00 € excl. VAT Find a partner IoT This license best suits scenarios that demand not so much bandwidth but all the more reliability, e.g. M2M and smart grids. Learn more... Bonding throughput in Mbps Up to 20 Max. number of bonded links 4 Server image for self-hosting included Hosting on Bondix servers not included Price per year 59 00 € excl. VAT Find a partner Ultimate This license provides highest bandwidths and reliability for all high-need scenarios where it is essential you stay online 24/7. Learn more... Bonding throughput in Mbps Up to 500 Max. number of bonded links 6 Server image for self-hosting included Hosting on Bondix servers not included Price per year 299 00 € excl. VAT Find a partner Standard This license is ideal for scenarios that need reliable connectivity and a bit more bandwidth, e.g. S2S or transportation. Learn more... Bonding throughput in Mbps Up to 100 Max. number of bonded links 4 Server image for self-hosting included Hosting on Bondix servers not included Price per year 135 00 € excl. VAT Find a partner Need more? Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us an email, we're happy to help. Learn more... Bonding throughput in Mbps individual Max. number of bonded links ? Server image for self-hosting included Hosting on Bondix servers individual Price per year ? 00 € excl. VAT Contact us Which license do I need? If you can't make out which license you need for your router, worry not: You're not alone. ​ To make your decision as simple as possible, we drew up the following table. It gives you the maximum Bondix throughput and respective license each router make and model is capable of due to hardware restrictions. This way, you know what maximum to expect in regards to performance and costs. ​ If you're interested in higher throughputs than 500 Mbps, more than 6 bonded links, or firmware for other platforms than listed, please reach out to us via email to . We're happy to help. Teltonika Networks AnyWeb Advantech Model IoT Standard Enterprise RUT240 ✔️ RUT241 ✔️ RUT360 ✔️ RUT950/955 ✔️ RUT951/956 ✔️ RUTX Series ✔️ details It's all about simplicity There are 3 Bondix license types that only differ in throughput but come with identical functionality–plus a free one that expires after 7 days so you can see for yourself if Bondix is for you. Options for large enterprises and special applications like bluelight organizations are available. Annual subscriptions can be purchased for up to 3 years in advance. ​ Licenses are meant for active bonded connections. Each license comes with free-of-charge Bondix Client and Server software and allows for using at least 2 servers to ensure utmost reliability from the start.

  • Bondix® WAN Bonding | Bondix by SIMA

    S.A.NE The need for reliable, high bandwidth connectivity is continuously growing. Bondix by SIMA is a WAN Bonding software that ensures reliable connectivity for all applications such as voice, video and data transmission - for mobile and stationary deployments alike. ​ Simple and efficient, these WAN aggregation functions are available through a simple software installation, whatever your platform. Bondix by SIMA provides you with ultimate stability between different WAN interfaces and WAN providers, taking care of aggregating (or bonding), load-balancing and seamless handovers. It is software enabled peace-of-mind. Because no one likes to be interrupted. The Bondix Trinity Smooth operation While different WAN uplinks are available, only the primary uplink is used by the running application at a time. In the event of a primary uplink failure, automatically the system seamlessly switches to the next available interface/uplink without disconnecting or even interrupting existing connections. Load balancing with seamless handover Application data is distributed evenly over the available WAN uplinks, with the maximum available bandwidth for an application determined by the available bandwidth of its assigned uplink. If one uplink fails, affected traffic is distributed to a different uplink. If the new uplink has a lower bandwidth capacity, application performance may be automatically degraded to accommodate the lowered capacity, but with no interruption in service. All together now (WAN aggregation) Bondix WAN Bonding (aggregation): the smartest solution for the simultaneous use of several WAN uplinks. As a user, you benefit from the aggregated bandwidth of all the available WAN uplinks, while Bondix optimizes the distribution of traffic flows across the entire system. This is particularly advantageous if the bandwidth of a single connection cannot provide the bandwidth required by your application. Sometimes more is more When you really need increased throughput or secure access to remote applications, multiple connections are often the answer. These can be fixed network or wireless connections (Fiber, DSL, WiFi, cellular, satellite), or a combination of these. The key, of course, is managing these multiple connections efficiently and easily. Enter the wisdom of Bondix by SIMA. With the unique Bondix software, you’re guaranteed an always-on connection with optimal throughput. ​ Bonds that don't break With a second connection via an alternative cellular network operator (or another WAN medium such as WiFi or satellite), you can increase the total bandwidth available for even a single TCP/IP connection, along with the uptime. And even as it takes away the risk of line failures or network problems with service providers, Bondix by SIMA gives you the gift of control. With its Bondix Client, you can determine WAN scheduling based on a wide range of policies and presets, according to your requirements. Efficient bonding and a wide feature set that enables a highly resilient and cost-effective virtual uplink for mobile as well as fixed locations. What’s not to love? Bondix Architecture The Bondix architecture consists of the Bondix Client and the Bondix Server (relay). The client software is installed on the router (CPE) and allows all existing WAN interfaces to be combined into a virtual tunnel. This tunnel can be established via any type of WAN medium and uses the Bondix server as a relay, from which the data is then forwarded to the inter- or intranet. The following example provides an overview of a common router that sets up a Bondix bonded tunnel via multiple WAN uplinks:

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