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The need for reliable, high bandwidth connectivity is continuously growing. Bondix by SIMA is a WAN Bonding software that ensures reliable connectivity for all applications such as voice, video and data transmission - for mobile and stationary deployments alike.

Simple and efficient, these WAN aggregation functions are available through a simple software installation, whatever your platform. Bondix by SIMA provides you with ultimate stability between different WAN interfaces and WAN providers, taking care of aggregating (or bonding), load-balancing and seamless handovers. It is software enabled peace-of-mind.
Because no one likes to be interrupted. 

The Bondix Trinity

Smooth operation

While different WAN uplinks are available, only the primary uplink is used by the running application at a time. In the event of a primary uplink failure, automatically the system seamlessly switches to the next available interface/uplink without disconnecting or even interrupting existing connections.

Load balancing with seamless handover

Application data is distributed evenly over the available WAN uplinks, with the maximum available bandwidth for an application determined by the available bandwidth of its assigned uplink. If one uplink fails, affected traffic is distributed to a different uplink. If the new uplink has a lower bandwidth capacity, application performance may be automatically degraded to accommodate the lowered capacity, but with no interruption in service.

All together now (WAN aggregation) 

Bondix WAN Bonding (aggregation): the smartest solution for the simultaneous use of several WAN uplinks. As a user, you benefit from the aggregated bandwidth of all the available WAN uplinks, while Bondix optimizes the distribution of traffic flows across the entire system. This is particularly advantageous if the bandwidth of a single connection cannot provide the bandwidth required by your application.

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Sometimes more is more

When you really need increased throughput or secure access to remote applications, multiple connections are often the answer. These can be fixed network or wireless connections (Fiber, DSL, WiFi, cellular, satellite), or a combination of these. The key, of course, is managing these multiple connections efficiently and easily. Enter the wisdom of Bondix by SIMA. With the unique Bondix software, you’re guaranteed an always-on connection with optimal throughput.  

Bonds that don't break

With a second connection via an alternative cellular network operator (or another WAN medium such as WiFi or satellite), you can increase the total bandwidth available for even a single TCP/IP connection, along with the uptime. And even as it takes away the risk of line failures or network problems with service providers, Bondix by SIMA gives you the gift of control. With its Bondix Client, you can determine WAN scheduling based on a wide range of policies and presets, according to your requirements. Efficient bonding and a wide feature set that enables a highly resilient and cost-effective virtual uplink for mobile as well as fixed locations. What’s not to love?

Bondix Architecture

The Bondix architecture consists of the Bondix Client and the Bondix Server (relay). The client software is installed on the router (CPE) and allows all existing WAN interfaces to be combined into a virtual tunnel. This tunnel can be established via any type of WAN medium and uses the Bondix server as a relay, from which the data is then forwarded to the inter- or intranet.


The following example provides an overview of a common router that sets up a Bondix bonded tunnel via multiple WAN uplinks:

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