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About Bondix

Many people know Bondix as a specialist in creating bonding routers. Routers that offer "managed internet" solutions by combining bonding routers, fixed internet connections and mobile internet connections. The result is a "managed" internet connection featuring extremely high bandwidth, uptime and reliability.


 While successful however, the strategic challenge for management was the fierce competition in this particular domain within the IOT market, combined with the high cost of the necessary hardware and internet connections.


So SIMA GmbH made a simple yet powerful intervention which has yielded quite remarkable results. It brought the company’s focus back to its core.


Today, Bondix has returned to creating the world's leading bonding software. Not surprising really. Bonding software is what gave birth to Bondix in the first place. It’s what many organizations need to operate effectively in a highly competitive networked economy. And it’s what we excel at.


From this renewed focus on our core capabilities has emerged a new bonding technology: Bondix WAN Bonding, former S.A.NE. (Simple Aggregation of NEtworks). It is a software application that enables Internet Service Providers and hardware vendors to provide additional functionality to their hardware. This solution allows us to do what we do best, while allowing specialists with their existing sales funnels to do what they do best. It’s an innovative new approach within an existing market.

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Our Core Team

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