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Bondix Newsletter 6/2023

This newsletter comes with information on Bondix Beta Testing, an awesome special offer, some saveworthy dates, and - of course - new release notes.


Bondix Beta Testing


Software needs testing, testing, testing. At Bondix, we have a trusted team of technicians both from Bondix and Bondix partners to try out and play around with the newest features, new settings, new scenarios, and spot, recreate, and report bugs.

That team, however, is by no means complete. So, if you feel that you have a lot of technical expertise but haven't received an invitation to become a beta tester for Bondix yet, please drop us an email to support@bondixintelligence. Tell us why we need you, and enjoy new features before everyone else does, as well as lots of technical chitter-chatter.


Wanted: Platforms!


Bondix S.A.NE evolves constantly, so we also constantly evaluate new platforms if we see a way to make Bondix suitable for them. If you know of a platform, or even own / program one and think it could do well with Bondix S.A.NE bonding, reach out to our sales team at


SimpliWiFi Special Offer


For all their Teltonika partners, Bondix UK distributor SimpliWiFi offers a 14-days free trial of the Bondix S.A.NE software until June 30, 2023 - and they now have garnered this offer with up to 35% off the first Bondix S.A.NE license purchased from them. Now, customers can test WAN Bonding on their Teltonika devices with no obligation and save on their first Bondix S.A.NE subscription.

Request your free 14-day Bondix S.A.NE test license by this Friday, and get 20% off your first 1-year Standard / Enterprise license, or 35% off a 3-year Standard / Enterprise license: BONDIX S.A.NE 14-DAY FREE TRIAL - SimpliWiFi - Connectivity and Communications Agency. SimpliWiFi will then contact you as soon as possible to implement the software on your Teltonika router.

If you're rather interested in doing such a trial campaign yourself for your own country, customers, and prospects, here's all you need: Trial Campaign | Bondix

And don't forget: You can always refer potential customers for a free 7-day Bondix S.A.NE trial to our permanent trial registration right here (great content btw for a quick LinkedIn update whenever you feel the need ;-)!


Saveworthy Dates


With ever more partners joining the Bondix network, we'd like to use our reach to point out events that our partners or we organize or attend and that might be of interest to all of you.

July 2023

13 / Digi International: Hardware Pioneers Max 2023

Digi will do a presentation at UK's largest exhibition and conference dedicated to cutting-edge technologies, solutions and tools for innovation-driven engineering teams, this year's Hardware Pioneers Max, on Data Analytics and Security. Come and visit Digi at booth 54 in the Business Design Centre in London, on July 13, 2023, and join them in their presentation at 11 a.m. in room 2.

Learn more: Hardware Pioneers Max 2023 - 13 July, London

All of July

July will be a rather calm month for us with the summer holidays coming around. For that reason, reaction times may get slightly longer, and we will not publish a Bondix S.A.NE release in July.

If you also have an event you want featured in the Bondix newsletter, please contact


Bondix S.A.NE June 2023 Release Notes


Our developers work on Bondix S.A.NE software incrementally which means that bug fixes, improvements, and even new features are constantly added, producing new release versions every couple of days.

On a monthly basis, we publish a version that combines all changes added since the last version.

This June 2023 Release is for Bondix S.A.NE servers only and contains the following changes:

New Features
Dark Mode

The Bondix S.A.NE Server web interface now comes with a dark mode that is hopefully more pleasing to the eyes of those that generally surf the dark side of life. Whether dark mode is used or not depends on the system settings.

Bug Fixes

Download the release notes here: Release Notes (PDF file, 265kB)

Choose the latest Bondix S.A.NE Client for your router here: Releases

If you have special projects and need older versions, please contact

If you need technical assistance or experience troubles installing or using Bondix S.A.NE, please contact

If you're interested in and have the means for testing and evaluating incremental changes to the software, please contact


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