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ConnectingCase GmbH

Bondix Solution Partner

ConnectingCase GmbH

ConnectingCase is a family business from Warthausen, Germany, that develops and sells highly flexible and robust connectivity solutions for construction sites and project areas, commercial and industrial buildings. ConnectingCase cooperates with all providers, combining different systems such as 5G and Starlink when needed and thus always selecting the strongest available signal for the customer.

The high-quality components of these mobile systems are housed in a hard case and are customised and configured according to individual requirements. Customers receive internet access within a few days, can flexibly choose the period of use and are protected from complete failure thanks to the fall-back system. The full service from set-up to dismantling increases cost-effectiveness for users as companies' IT departments no longer have to deal with the internet connection. In case of problems the support of ConnectingCase is always available.


Untere Stegwiesen 4, 88447 Warthausen, Germany

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