When it’s absolutely essential that you have secure internet connectivity (and, let’s face it, that’s pretty much all the time now), we offer you the BONDIX Solution. Even in places where internet is not available, there’s the BONDIX Solution. Specialized for high volume data requirements, it is so amazing that maybe we should have called it the BONDIX Miracle.

The Bondix solution

Bonding router

Bonds that never break

Ever hear the expression “strength through diversity”? At BONDIX Intelligence we put that into practice every day. Our bonding routers enable you to bond different networking media – DSL, 4G/LTE or cable – from multiple providers. And this built-in redundancy is what allows you to enjoy 100% uptime.


Virtual SIMS just got real

CloudSIM (or virtual SIM – vSim) provides you with greater flexibility, even as it grants you the highest level of security. With CloudSIM, the SIM card no longer needs to be physically placed in the router’s SIM slot; instead, it can be placed inside a SIM Rack in our data center. From there, any of the available SIMs can be mapped to the router, with ultimate flexibility. And because the physical SIMs are stored in SIM Racks in BONDIX Intelligence’s own data center, your connection is highly secure, optimized and easily managed.

  • CloudSIM: the ultimate high-tech solution
  • Able to access multiple networks
  • Achieves global coverage via different networks
  • Allows for a pooled data bundle
  • Up to 300Mb/s
Data center

The best relationships are always sercure

When you’re happy, we’re happy. And it’s hard to be happy if you’re worried about the security of your connections. That’s why our data center – where we store and manage our CloudSIM – is certified at the very highest level. It’s so secure that even customers from government and Defense can rest easy. Now that’s seriously secure.


We never sleep... so you can

Every minute of every day… 24/7, 365 days a year. At BONDIX Intelligence we never stop monitoring our routers and connections. And it’s nice to know that, if you need it, we’re always available for support. Of course, as a BONDIX client, you are always able to view your flows on demand.

Bondix case

The Bondix solution

BONDIX Intelligence supports both Enterprise organizations in general, and Marine businesses in particular. To understand how truly remarkable the BONDIX Solution is, check out our case studies.

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