It used to be that momentarily poor internet or even temporary disconnection was simply a hazard of being online. But today, people expect you to be up and running all the time. Fortunately, we offer the BONDIX Solution Light as a backup for your main internet connection. So when your existing connection drops away (even for a moment) or its performance drops below an acceptable level, BONDIX Light takes over, so seamlessly that you won’t notice a thing! Except that you will never be offline again. With BONDIX Solution Light backing you up, enjoy 100% uptime.

Bondix solution Light

Bonding router

Bonds that never break

What’s better than an internet connection? A second internet connection that guarantees that you’ll never be offline again. At BONDIX Intelligence, our bonding routers enable you to bond different networking media – DSL, 4G/LTE or cable – from multiple providers. And this built-in redundancy is what allows you to enjoy 100% uptime.

Backup connectivity


BONDIX Solution Light provides you with backup internet, alongside your fiber optic or cable connection. Furthermore, our connections are monitored at all times, providing you with the highest level of security possible. And because this backup connection is routed through BONDIX Intelligence’s own data center, your connection is not only secure, but optimized and easily managed as well.

Real security. Real easy.

  • Seamless backup alongside your main connection
  • Able to access multiple networks
  • Rapid deployment
  • Allows for a pooled data bundle
  • Up to 300Mb/s
Data center


When you’re happy, we’re happy. And it’s hard to be happy if you’re worried about the security of your connections. That’s why our data center – where we store and manage our CloudSIM – is certified at the very highest level. It’s so secure that even customers from government and Defense can rest easy. Now that’s seriously secure.



Every minute of every day…24/7, 365 days a year. At BONDIX Intelligence we never stop monitoring our routers and connections. And it’s nice to know that, if you need it, we’re always available for support. Of course, as a BONDIX client, you are always able to view your flows on demand.

Bondix case


BONDIX Intelligence supports both Enterprise organizations in general, and Marine businesses in particular. To understand how truly remarkable the BONDIX Solution is, check out our case studies.

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