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Bondix Newsletter 8/2023

Silly season is not our thing because this newsletter has tons of information - on a new config mode in cooperation with Bondix partner Unwired Networks, a new release cycle, a new partner portal, car racing, saveworthy dates, and - of course - new release notes.



New Config Mode: Unwired Cloudlink


Using Bondix S.A.NE now gets even easier: With this month's release, Teltonika users need no longer worry about where to host the required Bondix S.A.NE server. They can easily choose Bondix partner Unwired Network's CloudLink, a hosting service for their Bondix S.A.NE server, to combine with their Bondix S.A.NE license within a few seconds. Please find more information on this early-access feature in the Release Notes down below.

If you as a managed service provider or ISP are interested in also being listed with a comparable service, reach out to our sales team at


New Release Cycle


A few weeks ago, we officially launched our beta testers mailing list for all those of you that are interested in testing the devil out of our software versions. This is based on a decision we had to make to give our developers a bit more room to breathe. Also, we've started cooperations with so many awesome manufacturers, e.g. Digi International to name the latest, and we have even more in the pipeline so we want to become even easier to work with: We’ll divide our releases into feature and maintenance releases. As the name suggests, feature releases will contain new features additional to improvements and bug fixes and will be published once per quarter, starting September 2023. Maintenance releases will only contain improvements and bug fixes, as well as support for new Teltonika firmware versions, and will be published monthly in between feature releases.

We’ll also change the versioning system of coming software releases so it’s easier to understand and talk about.


New Partner Portal in the making


When we started selling licenses in 2020, we had exactly one partner. We’ve come a long way from there, thanks to that one partner and all others of you that came after, your marketing efforts, your projects and your love for trying new technology.

So, to be able to give you the support you need, we’ll soon introduce a new partner portal. That portal will enable you to search through a hopefully more extensive knowledge database and open up support tickets in case you don’t find the information you need, but also to see how many license credits you have and to easily generate licenses codes yourself. The distributors amongst you will be able to share their licenses credits with their associated partners. Also, you’ll be able to easily terminate subscriptions for yourself or your customers through this portal.

Right now, we’ll launch this partner portal in two steps: Knowledge base and ticketing is planned to be rolled out by the end of September 2023 while the licensing part will start at the end of October 2023.


NXT Gen Cup: Cooperation at its best


On 5 August 2023, we were gifted a very rare opportunity for us: to experience our technology from up close, live and in action. Our solution partner R System Solutions invited us to join them in their paddock at Nurburgring, Germany, for the NXT Gen Cup that took place during DTM. We were allowed to climb into one of the racing cars ourselves and even better, we had the chance to look over the RSys technicians' shoulders. So many impressions! Such an adventure! We're just blown away by all the inventions RSys showed us: crystal clear audio transmission, 4 smooth camera feeds from inside the vehicle, live monitoring of battery status and telemetry data including thermal imaging of the battery - and all this with 0,0% data loss thanks to bonded connectivity powered by Bondix S.A.NE.

Until we’ve finished our corresponding case study, hop on over to RSys' YouTube channel and watch them talk about their solution here: A behind the scenes look of what R System Solutions does for NXTGen Cup

Thank you, R System Solutions, for the invitation, for letting us be there and probably look not as intelligent with our open mouths, and let's do this again - preferably in Portugal with less cold and less rain. <3


Saveworthy Dates


With ever more partners joining the Bondix network, we'd like to use our reach to point out events that our partners or we organize or attend and that might be of interest to all of you.

August 2023

24 / AirInternet: Agrotech Valey Lengerich

AirInternet will be part of the Agri Idea Sprout Open Session on August 24, 2023, in Lengerich. The Agri Idea Sprout is a conference that invites its participants to actually participate actively. In the Open Session "Overcoming Borders: Agriculture for a Greener Future with Interreg VI Germany-Netherlands" by Carmen van der Sluis and Daniel Wiesner it's all about exploring ways to make agriculture more environmentally friendly and support it through Interreg funding incentives.

Learn more: Agri Idea Sprout on LinkedIn

29 / Digi International: NXP Technology Days

The NXP Technology Days global training program offers engineers step-by-step instruction, in-depth lectures and hands-on workshops led by experts addressing topics across automotive, mobile, smart home, and enabling technologies.

Explore the potential of NXP products and solutions. Digi International look forward to seeing you on 29 August, 2023, at the NXP Technology Days in Irvine, CA, USA, in person to share knowledge and technical skills that will take your designs to the next level. Seating is limited so reserve your spot today.

Learn more and register here.

September 2023

6-7 / Unwired Networks: 8th Railway Forum 2023

Under the motto "Accelerating the transport turnaround together!", more than 1,400 decision-makers and experts from the rail industry will meet at the 8th Railway Forum in Berlin, Europe's leading management conference for the rail industry under the patronage of Jan Grothe, CPO, Deutsche Bahn AG and Rolf Härdi, CTIO, Deutsche Bahn AG. The participants include the entire value chain from Germany and Europe: rail and network operators, OEMs for rolling stock and infrastructure, suppliers from all tier levels as well as representatives from politics.

Unwired Networks will take part at the conference as well and be happy to meet you there.

13-14 / LUCOM: all about automation Wetzlar
20-21 / AirInternet: Digital X
26-27/ AirInternet: IoT Tech Expo
27-28 / LUCOM: all about automation Chemnitz

If you also have an event you want featured in the Bondix newsletter, please contact


Bondix S.A.NE August 2023 Release Notes


Our developers work on Bondix S.A.NE software incrementally which means that bug fixes, improvements, and even new features are constantly added, producing new release versions every couple of days.

On a monthly basis, we publish a version that combines all changes added since the last version.

This August 2023 Release is for Bondix S.A.NE servers only and contains the following changes:

New Features
New Config Mode: Unwired CloudLink (BETA)

From now, users can choose to employ Bondix partner Unwired Network’s CloudLink service to not have to take care of their own Bondix S.A.NE server.

For that, please create an account at Unwired Network’s CloudLink portal first:

Then, update to this release to see the CloudLink option and empty your cache. Navigate to “General Settings > Config Mode”, choose “CloudLink” and enter the API key you requested from the CloudLink portal.

This feature is still in a beta phase which means we cannot guarantee yet that it works as flawlessly as intended. Thus, we advise you to not yet use it on productive systems!

Teltonika FW 07.04.5 Support

We now fully support Teltonika Network’s 07.04.5 firmware. If you intend on switching to this Teltonika firmware release directly from a major earlier version (07.0X.X), we recommend you reset your router before updating to this Bondix Release Version in order to ensure you achieve the bandwidths you’re used to. In this case, don’t forget to backup your settings.

Bug Fixes

Download the release notes here: Release Notes (PDF file, 313kB)

Choose the latest Bondix S.A.NE Client for your router here: Releases

If you have special projects and need older versions, please contact

If you need technical assistance or experience troubles installing or using Bondix S.A.NE, please contact

If you're interested in and have the means for testing and evaluating incremental changes to the software, please contact


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